long live us
Well a lot of people call me awesome, but I'm more commonly known as Ian Underwood. I've been around for seventeen years, but age is just a number, ya' know? Guess you can say I'm a kid at heart, but I just like to have fun and keep up with my little brothers at the Oakvales Foster Home for Boys. They look up to me, and I love them, so don't do them wrong and we'll be fine. Do them wrong, and let's just say we'll have a talk.

Hit me any time, I'm always up for mischief! And when I say mischief, I mean going hard in some fuckin' intense fun.

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#ooc; oh jeez #hi Im back from rehersal so for the bit I'm on #lets have some fun
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Another night with mermaids, so enchanting.

Heh. Hehehe.

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    don’t worry. it’s fine~ hah.
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    I’m sorry to leave you in confusion, Tressi! Awww, now I feel bad!
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    Stoned on a monday night? Reasons why I admire you, bro.